Who is Encima?

Our digital centipedes will also make your project a success!

Encima was founded in 2002 in Torhout. Since then, we have continued to grow into the stable SME we are today. Our 14 employees get up and go to sleep with all things digital. They love to sink their teeth into technical challenges, even if they are complex. Integrating disparate systems with each other to optimize the user experience of your website, webshop or app is their daily dada. Despite all their technical knowledge, they make sure that you can intuitively and easily make adjustments to adapt to the rapid evolutions in your company or organization..

'Cima' in Encima isn't Spanish for 'top' for nothing. We are an ambitious digital agency and want to grow together with our clients. In July 2020, we moved to a beautiful new office building along Torhout's main approach road.