12 tips for good website

Websites today are unimaginable. As a company, you must fulfill the expectations of (potential) customers and have an online presence. It is therefore important to have a good website. Below we are happy to provide some tips.

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1. A private domain

Initially, it is important to have your own domain . It does not look professional when your website has the following URL: mybusiness.wordpress.com or mybusiness.freewebsitemaken.com. Go professional right away and buy your own domain such as mycompany.be or mycompany.com.

2. Get your website built

Creating a website is not an easy task. Surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable about business. Or better, contact a company that can create your website. A small but important side note, you better opt for a customized website.

3. Solid CMS

Developing a website is the first step, but after the launch, you still need to be able to maintain your website in an easy way. Therefore, a solid CMS (content management system) is an important aspect of your website. This allows you to manage your website yourself.

4. Clear structure and navigation

For (future) visitors, a clear structure and navigation is necessary. If your website is complex, make sure the structure is well built and all pages are easily accessible through the main navigation. This is also a starting point for search engines such as Google and Bing to discover your website.

5. Responsive website

A what? A responsive website is important today. More and more users are active online via their smartphone or tablet. So make sure your website is available to those individuals. Give your visitors an accessible website regardless of the device they are browsing with.

6. Fast, faster, fastest

Speed is also an important aspect. Make sure your website loads quickly. Search engines such as Google prioritize websites that load quickly, and users also drop out when a website takes too long to load. Also keep in mind that mobile connections are not always optimal, so visitors may also want to use your website via a slow connection (edge / 2G) as well. Because not everyone surfs mobile on a 4G connection yet.

7. Consider Google

Google is your friend! Google is the leading search engine in Belgium. Optimize your website for Google so your website can rank well and be found by your target audience. There are numerous things to consider. If you launch a new website, be sure it meets search engine requirements.

8. A thoughtful 404 page

A 404 page is a page that gives the message that the requested page was not found. This is mostly a dead end with many websites. But you can use this page to direct visitors to important pages such as product overview, contact page or other.

9. Test your website

Test and have your website tested by your target audience. You can't improve your website until you know where visitors get stuck or have trouble with it. To get an answer to this, you need to test. Does your website work in all browsers, on smartphones, is everything clearly readable ...

10. Clear text with CTA

Your website has a purpose, make sure the purpose is clear to visitors with a CTA(Call to Action). Write texts for your visitors and the search engines. Provide a readable font size and make it clear what is expected of the visitor. Eg

  • Schrijf je in en blijf op de hoogte van de laatste web development tips
  • Add product to shopping cart
  • ...

11. To measure is to know

To know the progress of your website you need to start measuring. There are several (free) tools available, such as Google Analytics, that collect statistics from your website. That way, you will also find out which pages perform better or less, on which pages the visitor enters or exits and so much more.

12. Consider link building

One last point: link building! A website may be well constructed and convert well, but it must also be "recommended" by other websites. Make sure you have a good link building strategy. This allows new or potential visitors to better find your website through search engines.

These are just 12 tips for a good website. There are many other things to consider. Would you like to have a solid partner developing your website and thinking along with these and other tips to make your website a professional and functioning one? If so, be sure to contact us!

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