Why you should have an app made

Why you should have an app (license) as a business? 7 reasons why it's best to have one!

Smartphones and tablets are here to stay. These "smart devices" are mostly filled with different apps, each with its own functionality or purpose. Having an app yourself can be useful as a business. But what are the reasons for developing an app? Here are some reasons why you might want to consider having an app as well.

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Creating added value

When developing an app, it is important that it adds value for your customers. Why should they start using the app? "What's in it for me?" Once this is answered, then an app can add great value to your business. It creates customer loyalty. There are several ways to bring added value through an app such as making certain data more accessible, or enabling the sharing of elements.

More brand awareness

Having an app can create more brand recognition (brand awareness). People spend a lot of time on their smartphone or tablet every day, mostly it's just a few apps that users spend a lot of time on. But regardless, people regularly scroll or slide through their collection of apps. If your app (with logo) is included, this creates unconscious brand awareness.

Communicate with (potential) customers

Looking for an additional channel to connect with (potential) customers? Then an app could be the solution. Through the app, interaction can be created. Users may have the opportunity to send feedback in a simple way.

Better than the competition

Another reason may be competition. If one of your competitors has an app, maybe it's time for your company to have one too? But of course you don't have to wait for the competition to get started with this. If you are the first to launch an app, this could potentially give you a big head start, allowing you to gain market share.

Additional sales channel for products or services

Need an additional sales channel? Then perhaps an app could be the solution to highlight your products or services. Through an app, you get an additional opportunity to present products or services and make them more accessible to your customers.

User expectations

People love apps. If you go poking around the app store you can find thousands of apps. Certain audiences may have the expectation that an app should be available. If that expectation is there, then as a company it is good to respond to it and meet that expectation.

Gamification in apps

Gamification has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Having a battle between users can be good for app usage and again for brand awareness and customer loyalty. Give users a certain reward in points and create rankings. Users will try extra hard to score higher.

There are probably many other reasons why, as a company, it is best to develop an app. Would you also like to have an app developed? If so, be sure to get in touch! We listen first and then custom develop the app(s)!

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