Creating an app

Want to have an app created for your organization, as an e-commerce solution, to complete or replace a manual process. The possibilities of app today are endless. Especially if the right tools are applied. Encima is a web agency with years of expertise in developing web and mobile applications. Are you looking for an app developer? Look no further and pitch your idea today!

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Creating an app from A to Z

Our goal is to relieve our customers from A to Z. We think along from the beginning to make your future app a success. We start with clear agreements and a clear offer. We go for a real collaboration so that your app has a good chance of success.

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Having an app made - the cost

An app comes with a certain price tag. But it is difficult to put a price on this straight away. Just like the question "What does a car cost?". An app can be very simple or just very elaborate. Depending on the needs, expectations and functionalities, there is a different cost.

Making a correct estimate of the cost of an app requires a solid analysis. Forget about those online calculators. They cannot possibly give an accurate indication of the cost price.

Contact us for a realistic price estimate!

Below we summarize the different costs for you:

Development costs

The initial, and often biggest cost, is the cost to develop the app. The cost depends on the number of screens, the necessary functionalities (GPS, camera, push notifications, ...). In second place comes the question of whether a certain management module (CMS) needs to be present and the app still needs to be published to the various app stores.

Optimization costs

Once your app is launched, it is not ready. Often clients forget to start improving their app at that point. Through tools like Firebase & Google Analytics, you get more insights into how your app works. After contacting your customers, you also know which features are still missing or need improvement. Let your app grow with the needs of your users!

Marketing costs

Your app or your idea may be excellent, but without the necessary promotion few people will install and use it. Get some extra marketing budget to get your app off to a flying start!

Costs for other tools

If you offer online payments, then you need to include transaction fees. Want to use other (paying) tools in your app? Then be sure to include those costs as well.

Multi-platform technology

Encima is focused on developing apps with multi-platform technology, which means that we only need to develop and maintain the app once, but can still run the same app on both platforms (iOS and Android). The advantage of this is that the development process is much more efficient, as well as cost and time savings. Unlike the traditional process of developing apps separately for different platforms.

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Getting an app made? The benefits!

An app can be the right investment for your organization. Successful apps save time, increase sales, improve customer loyalty and reduce frustration.

Reasons enough to invest in an app.

Saving time

An app developed according to your needs is time-efficient. Automate or simplify some actions in a straightforward mobile application. Make your app work for you instead of the other way around!

Insights for your customers

An app can give your customers the insights they need. An overview of the latest orders, invoices, unpaid balance, ... Create a customer zone in your customer's pocket. Prevent frustration for your customers.

Competition advantage

Another possible reason is competitive advantage. Make the difference, over your competitors, through an intuitive app. Be a discrupter in your niche or industry and surpass your competitors!

Connect your app to your back office

An app usually doesn't stand alone. It is powered by data from your organization. Thanks to API's, your app can be connected to your back-office. That way, your app always works with up-to-date information and your customers always have access to the latest information.

Deploying your app smartly

Deploying an app smartly can save your organization time and money. Map out the needs of the user and together with our app specialists we will make it a success!

Ready to get started with an app? Or do you still have some questions? Contact us and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

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