Having your webshop created by web specialists!

Are you toying with the idea of starting a webshop? Encima has years of experience in developing successful eCommerce solutions. Every day we work on different webshop of our customers. 

As a web agency, you can turn to us for a complete solution. From A to Z. We unburden our customers and create a web shop that works. 

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Have a webshop made? Our roadmap

We don't just start a webshop. It is important to first consider what the necessary functionalities lie, what products will be sold & what integrations are necessary. 

Once that is mapped out, we start with the graphic concept

Look and feel of your webshop!

The look and feel of your web shop should exude professionalism and inspire confidence. Customers decide in a split second whether to stay on your webshop or leave again. 

A professional graphic concept ensures that your shop can convince your visitors to stay. And guide them through your webshop in an easy way. From home page to category page or directly to a product page? And from there through checkout to the confirmation page! Because that is the ultimate goal of your webshop! Sell.

Customized product page!

Every webshop is different because every product is also different. That's why we focus on your products. How should they look on your webshop? What information should be included? What information do your customers need?

If you are having your webshop created, we are happy to help you give the right information the right place on your webshop.

What payment system & payment methods do you offer?

Your webshop should also allow your visitors/customers to pay online. If you sell in a B2B contect then this should be mainly by invoice, if you sell in a B2C context then you should offer the main payment methods (Bancontact, Visa, MasterCard, Ideal (for the Netherlands), Paypal, ... 

Or different type of payment methods per customer? Anything goes!

Together we choose the right payment provider to make this possible!


Customized web shop: interfaced with your ERP package

Are all your customers, orders & products in an ERP system? Such as Adsolut ... Link your webshop with your ERP package. Thus, products, prices, customers & price agreements are automatically synchronized. 

Webshop creation & maintenance

We build your webshop with a fresh design focused on conversions! The goal: convince as many customers as possible to order on your online store. But once your webshop is launched, of course, it also needs to be maintained. Add products with nice pictures, descriptions, blog posts, ... In short, everything you need to grow your webshop & attract customers.

Through our user-friendly CMS you can make the necessary adjustments in no time. 

Having a web shop made: the price

What does it cost to have a web shop made? We cannot answer this immediately. Every project & product is different. To give you an accurate price estimate, we need more information about your project or your products. Give us a call & we'll provide a no-obligation quote. How to have your webshop made at the right price.

What should you think about when having your website created?

If you want to have your webshop created, there are a few things you need to think about at the beginning of the process.-.

Conversion-oriented webshop

You obviously want your webshop to work for you. A conversion-oriented web shop is essential to generate additional sales. Fortunately, there are some ways to get more conversion from your webshop. Therefore, read our blog article on conversion optimization.

Send the right communication

Customers want to receive the right communication at the right time. Thanks to the right messages and/or emails, you can create the right expectations. Consider transactional emails such as order confirmations, back in stock emails, password forgotten emails. But the texts on your website are also important. Micro copy show your visitors the right way to order.

Having a customized webshop made

Our web specialists are ready to customize your webshop. 

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