How to get more visitors to your website

To sell products/services on your website, you obviously need visitors. No visitors equals €0 revenue and no new quote requests. So attracting the right visitors is important. But how do you get more visitors to your website? Here are some practical tips to get started with it.

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Ranking higher in Google - SEO

SEO is one of the most important channels for any webshop or website to attract new visitors/customers. A good SEO strategy combined with a well-developed website means (many) free visitors through Google and other search engines. But how do you go about this?

Some tips to improve your SEO:

  • Starten met de juiste zoekwoorden
    Je wil gevonden worden op bepaalde zoekwoorden. So make sure those keywords are also reflected on the page that needs to rank in Google. Consider the page title, intro text and possibly some subtitles.
  • Schrijf content waar je bezoekers iets aan hebben
    Maak niet alleen inhoud voor zoekmachines maar optimaliseer je teksten zodat bezoekers er ook echt iets aan hebben.
  • Vergeet de interne linken niet
    Zoekmachines hechten veel waarde aan links. Links were also at the root of search engines. Elke link naar een bepaalde pagina telt als een stem.
    Zorg er dus voor dat je belangrijkste pagina's ook de nodige linken krijgen binnenin je website.
  • Denk aan backlinks
    Naast de interne links zijn backlinks (links vanop andere websites) enorm belangrijk. Where the focus used to be on quantity, the focus is now on quality. Provide relevant backlinks to your website/webshop.
  • Creëer nieuwe content
    Zijn al je webpagina's geoptimaliseerd voor de juiste zoekwoorden? Then create new content/new pages to get visitors to your website. For this you can use a blog. Your target audience is undoubtedly looking for your products, but certainly also for a solution to their problem. Make sure you provide the answer!

A good SEO strategy is a long-term solution. Today's investment will be able to bring you many visitors in the coming months / years.

Need help with your SEO? Feel free to contact us!

Advertise - find your target audience

While SEO is a medium- to long-term strategy, advertising is a short-term solution. If your website is not (yet) found by your target audience, you can still attract the necessary visitors thanks to online ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, ...).

Note, here you pay per visitor. Once you stop the ads, then the number of visitors stops.

Don't forget remarketing

Did you know that 90 percent of your visitors do NOT buy or undertake anything during their first visit to your website. Research shows that there are at least 7 touchpoints needed (with your brand, product or company) to convince a visitor to make a purchase (or other action).

Thanks to remarketing, you are going to reach people, who have already visited your website, again through targeted ads.

Email marketing is alive and well

Although it has been said for several years, but Email Marketing is certainly not dead yet. On the contrary. Even after the introduction of AVG/GDPR, Email marketing is still one of the most powerful channels to get visitors to your website. How do you go about this?

  1. Collect email addresses from your visitors/customers
  2. Segment the email addresses
  3. Creëer regelmatig een nuttige nieuwsbrief
    TIP: Wissel af tussen toegevoegde waarde & dingen verkopen via je nieuwsbrief
  4. Through UTM tags you can easily measure how many visitors this has now brought in.

Social Media

Although the power of Social Media (Facebook / Twitter / Linkedin) is ever diminishing. The networks would rather you spend money to spread your messages. But that is not to say that organic outreach is impossible. Some tips:

  1. Bring added value to your followers.
  2. Ask questions or have them take an action (like / share / comment)
  3. Put content on the network itself (videos, photos, etc.) and not just from your website
  4. Measure via UTM tags & URL shortners how many visitors this brings to your website.

Video marketing is hot

You may have already seen it, but video marketing is hot! Everyone is taking videos these days, and thanks to the fancy cameras on your smartphone, it's really not that difficult. So you can apply video marketing well to your social networks / newsletters / ... But did you know that you can also attract visitors to your website thanks to videos?

Youtube is the second largest search engine worldwide - after Goolge, of course. Google's video website is used for several reasons:

  • as an entertainment channel
  • to learn
  • by do-it-yourselfers (in all themes)j

Create videos, get inside looks at your company, film certain production processes or provide tips & tricks from experts. This is how your company will also be found on Youtube.

PS: By the way, did you know that an American built her house herself from YouTube videos? Impressive. Read the article here:

Focusing back to get more visitors.

Youtube biedt dus een enorme mogelijkheid om meer visibiliteit te krijgen rond je merk / product / onderneming & zo ook meer bezoekers aan te trekken.
Je hoeft dus niet direct te investeren in duur video materiaal. Start with your smartphone and discover the magical world of video.

Tip: just start. You shouldn't publish the first videos either. Make them, watch them & learn at. The 5th video may be just good enough to be posted online.

Make ambassadors of your customers

Digital marketing is the way to attract customers. But word of mouth is even more powerful.

People trust each other. If you have had a pleasant experience with a particular company/product, chances are you will share that experience.

So make sure your customers are happy & keep them happy.

TIP: Under promise & Over Deliver!

Partnerships that work

One way often not considered are partnerships. Chances are your product or services are complementary to other products/services. Contact other businesses that see your product/service not as competition but as adding value to their customers. Chances are, then, that the reverse is also true.

Such partnerships may be easier than you think. So put them to successful use.

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