Starting a webshop? Tips for starting with a head start

Starting a web shop is child's play. Anyone can start their own webshop today. And that's also what a lot of people do. The potential of thousands - millions of customers, that means huge sales/profits and all from an attic room? But the opposite is true. Starting an online shop is easy, but making it grow into an oiled machine that brings (new) customers & sales without problems is not so easy. We give you 10 tips for setting up your webshop.

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What is a webshop?

A webshop or web store is an online store where customers can see your products, order them online and possibly pay for them as well. Via email the customer is kept informed of his order. And finally the order is delivered to deck customer.

Here's what a webshop means to the consumer or B2B customer. But underlying this, there are many more things/processes that are (or should be) aligned with each other.

Webshop as an online establishment

Do you already sell products through one or more physical stores? Then you should think of starting a webshop as starting a new (online) establishment. This should also be decorated (design), stocked (shelves, products, signs, etc.), pay via a cash register (shopping cart & online payment/ordering).

Here are some practical tips or points of interest when starting an online store.

Webshop (to be) built?

There are some out-of-the-box solutions such as Shopify & WooCommerce, but there the options are admittedly limited. Especially if a connection to an ERP package (containing all products, prices & customers) is needed or if you are focusing on B2B sales.

Or when you need a specific product or order flow complemented by an app or customized management system (CMS). Then be sure to choose a customized web shop!

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Keep budget for marketing

Often a large budget or the entire available budget is spent on the design & development of a web shop. But once the webshop is launched, visitors still have to find their way to your (new) webshop.

To accomplish this you also need a marketing budget. Ads through Facebook and/or Google provide short-term visitors to your online store.

Choose a professional design

A web shop must exude confidence. People must have confidence in your company & products. Therefore, choose a professional design. Because a first impression is also important online!

A web shop should look professional & just work.

Start, improve & grow

Try to start your web shop as early in the process as possible. Learn from your findings & what customers say. That way you can improve & grow your shop in a good way..

Amazon, Coolblue, ... also did not start with all the possible features available today. They continue to invest in their web shop.

Clear communication with your customers

The texts on your webshop should be seen as the sellers of your products. Therefore, clear texts, microcopy & call-to-actions are. In doing so, also don't forget to properly draft your transactional emails.

Don't forget your product photos

Unlike your physical stores, your customers can't hold, feel, ... That's why product photos are hugely important. first of all, make sure product photos are present (because we have already seen web shops where the photos are missing).

Commit to SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization in which you will continuously improve your web shop with the goal of a higher position in search engines such as Google. As a result, more (potential) customers will find their way to your webshop this way.

Note that a good SEO strategy will only be felt in the medium & long term. Especially on popular keywords, you won't be at the top for nothing.

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Improve Webshop

When designing your webshop & developing it, best practices are always applied. But there is always room for improvement. Just think of Amazon & who also continuously improve their websites.

With the same number of visitors but a better conversion rate, you can sometimes dramatically increase your sales.

The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) process is a never-ending process. Improve your webshop. See what customers are up against, what (new) expectations they have, capitalize on new eCommerce Trends.

Sublime customer support

A webshop naturally includes customer service. A point of contact where customers can go with their questions about products & orders. But customers want to do more and more themselves (without having to contact them).

In doing so, provide a structured FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section with a handy finder. Does the customer still not find what he needs? Then make sure you are available through a few channels. Via email, phone, chat (whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, ...). Differentiate your webshop from the competition & Go the extra mile!

Are you toying with the idea of starting a webshop yourself? Please feel free to contact us!

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