Stronger after corona crisis

Covid-19 virus has huge implications around the world. Countries going into a full lock-down. Companies that must, temporarily, close. Staff who also need to stay home. A certain group can work from home but maybe not weeks at a time either? The coronavirus or Covid-19 will have serious consequences in all industries.

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Plan B during coronavirus

Of course, we would have much preferred that the Covid-19 virus had not been such a big problem. And that "normal" business could continue. Klanten kunnen op reis vertrekken of hun reis boeken, retailers kunnen hun winkels openhouden, (culturele) evenementen kunnen doorgaan zoals gepland,… Er zijn duizenden zaken die nu uitgesteld of geannuleerd worden.
Een plan B die problemen van dergelijke grootte opvangen is jammer genoeg onmogelijk. But there may be some opportunities.

Stronger after the corona crisis

There are some ways to emerge stronger from the corona crisis. Start a webshop or improve your website/webshop.

Often your website or web shop comes in 2nd place. Improvements & optimizations are deferred until when really needed. Perhaps now is the ideal time?

Starting a website or webshop

Physical establishments of non-life essentials must close. But through a web shop, customers can still continue to order. If you don't have a web shop yet, now might be the time to start one.

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Optimize for search engines

Actually a point of interest that is always important. Search engine optimization makes your website more & more findable in search engines such as Google / Bing. Especially since your website should be an important channel for your business.

Some things you can do to optimize your website:

  • Vul je website met content
    Content / teksten op categoriepagina’s, productpagina’s of blogartikels. It will make your web page more relevant and findable. And that users receive the necessary explanations and/or answers to their questions.
  • Interne linkstructuur verbeteren
    Interne links zijn belangrijk voor zoekmachines om enerzijds de structuur van je website te begrijpen & om de belangrijkste pagina's te vinden. The more links 1 particular page gets, the more important it is seen by search engines.
  • Backlinks (stemmen voor jouw website)
    Backlinks of links van andere websites naar jouw website liggen aan de basis van zoekmachines & zijn vandaag nog steeds een belangrijke rankingfactor. The more other websites link to your website or shop, the more important your shop becomes for Google. Think of it as votes other websites give to your website.

Invest in yourself

Now that there may be a little more time off & less work, this is the time to invest in yourself. Not on a financial basis but on an intellectual basis.

  • Lees dat boek dat je al altijd wilde lezen
    Er zit veel kennis verborgen in boeken. Knowledge you can apply to your business. Take some time now to delve into certain subject matter. This can have a positive effect on your business and your bottom line.
  • Online opleidingen
    Naast boeken bevatten opleidingen ook enorm veel waardevolle informatie. Training in training centers is now not possible. Gelukkig kan je ook eenvoudig online een opleiding volgen.
    Enkele interessante websites zijn: Udemy, Coursera, …

After the corona crisis, make sure you can get back in full force! #strongernacorona

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