Difference between SEO & SEA - the explanation

You may not know the terms, but you've certainly already taken advantage of other companies' SEO and SEA efforts. It offers added value to your online marketing efforts if you can use SEO & SEA effectively.

What is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. This a summary term for all the efforts you make to rank "for free" at the top of search results on search engines such as Google.

What about SEA?

SEA stands for Search Engine Advertising, or Advertising through Search Engines (such as Google).. This puts you at the top of the search results and pays Google or Bing for every visitor who clicks on your ad (and thus visits your website).

Keywords for SEO & SEA

For both SEO and SEA, keywords are a crucial element. Everyone uses search engines on a daily basis. Ze zoeken naar antwoorden voor hun problemen / vragen, producten, reviews, ...
Het doel van zowel SEO als SEA is om bij relevante zoekwoorden zichtbaar te zijn voor je doelgroep.

Pros & cons of SEO

SEO offers numerous benefits. Thus, once you are at the top of the search results, you will actually be able to benefit from free visitors.

But of course, to take advantage of these free visitors, you must invest time & money in:

  • an optimized website or web shop
  • Content marketing (texts for your website)
  • Link building to gather authority

In other words, employing an SEO strategy has a major long-term impact. Which is certainly not to say that you won't also notice positive effects in the short term.

Pros & cons of SEA

Want to see short-term results? Then SEA might be more for you. For example, start your Google Ads campaign today and once started you can already see results.

However, there are 2 drawbacks to SEA:

  • Of course, you have to invest and spend money to see immediate results
  • Once you turn off the money tap, then it falls

The great advantage of SEA is that you can easily adjust & adjust. Based on the results in your management system & eg Google Analytics can quickly determine which keywords are interesting and which are not.

What should you bet on now?

Our general advice is that you should bet on both SEO and SEA. This allows you to get short-term results and make adjustments. De opgedane kennis kan je dan weer inzetten voor je SEO strategie.
SEO is meer een lange termijn strategie. But once you score successfully on this, it can increase your sales/visitors exponentially.

Also starting with SEO and/or SEA?

Contact us to also get started with SEO and/or SEA. Our Online Marketing team is happy to help you set up and maintain both your SEO and SEA strategy.

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