About Agrityre

Agrityre is a wholesaler of agricultural, earthmoving, industrial, construction and aircraft tires (for ground use). Agrityre is the exclusive distributor of Maxam tires in Belgium, Luxembourg and France & also has its own private brand: 1261.

1261 offers an affordable alternative to tires for farm trailers, tractors, cranes, ... Agrityre has a large inventory of used tires, rechapƩ tires and various agricultural and industrial tires to your size.

If you are having trouble finding the right tire, they do know the way.

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Smooth sales and deliveries

Agrityre's webshops, built from our e-commerce platform Marcando, are linked to the ERP package DAVE. You can consult the webshop in four different languages. In addition to the webshop, we also designed a planning tool, on a separate booking site suppliers can quickly and easily book a time slot for loading and unloading tires. 


Point system

To increase customer loyalty, we implemented a point system. For every 10 euros the customer spends, you get one point. You can save up all your points to choose a gift such as a brand new TV, for example. 

Booking site

To make loading and unloading pickups easier, we designed a planning tool. On a separate site you can reserve your spot and in this way we guarantee a smooth delivery and collection of tires.

Public catalog

The catalog on Agrityre's site is available to everyone, but only if you have an account can you see the prices and stock of products. 

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