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Best Trading Belgium has specialized over the years in everything to do with hygiene in a household. This both for man himself and his immediate environment. Soaps, shampoos, detergents, cleaning products, perfumes,... . They offer a permanent supply of more than 700 products in stock. In addition, they can deliver all these products very quickly. Best Trading Belgium has partnerships with more than 40 companies to distribute their goods to meanwhile more than 450 traders whom it does not consider as customers but as partners.

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B2B webshop with a lot of specifications.

For Best Trading Belgium, we built a B2B webshop linked to the ERP-package Adsolut. The webshop has some interesting features. There is a separate page with articles that were out of stock for a long time, but are now available again. Via the representative module, representatives can log in in the customer's name and thus place an order with adjusted prices. Since Best Trading Belgium works with a separate product photographer and therefore not all photos come from the Adsolut database, we integrated a separate photo database.


Representative module

As a representative, you can log in on behalf of your customers and thus place an order. Here you can adjust the prices yourself per customer

Photo database

Photo book sync retrieves images from database instead of ERP system. A program checks daily to see if there are already new photos and then automatically updates them. 

Quotation module

Quotes can be uploaded by customer or by customer group. Those quotes contain items with a custom price. That price then applies to those particular customers from the time the quote is uploaded until the end date entered. 

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