About Byondfiles

Our client came knocking with a very interesting project pitch. 
However, in an era when cloud storage is taking off, there are still a lot of companies that place their files on an internal server. Often this is because it still works easier when documents need to be edited. With Byondfiles, our client wanted to offer a platform to enterprises where they could combine cloud storage and day-to-day administrative tasks.

A standard document management system allows organizations to create and manage documents, but if we could link this with Office online and Outlook via Office 365 it would become an administrative management tool that could be of great interest to all businesses. At Encima, we were completely comfortable with this idea and so committed to making this project a success.
In addition to the links mentioned above, a number of features were also figured out that were going to give Byondfiles some powerful USPs.

An initial phase of the project was an analysis phase, along with the development of a POC (Proof of concept) of the various features. After this successful analysis phase, a project trajectory was started in which a very close collaboration was used between Encima and the customer with several brainstorming sessions and demo moments. 

This type of collaboration, in which Encima excels, resulted in a very successful outcome and a rock-solid product that is currently being further developed in pilot phase.

More news to follow...

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