About DAYROOMS - formerly known as '' - was the first online booking platform where you could reserve day rooms. To do so, they work with hotels around the world. Among other things, daytime visitors can take a breather before or after a business meeting or bridge the time between flights. For hotels, in turn, it is a way to attract a new type of guest. Even after more than 13 years, DAYROOMS continues to continuously seek ways to make their booking platform even more user-friendly for both guests and hotels.

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Encima took care of the efficient management of our data.

Hotel guests can book a day room online at various hotels from Amsterdam to Sydney and from London to Abu Dhabi. There is a choice of different types of rooms, each with their own facilities. Hotels in turn track room availability, reservations and billing via their extranet. They often use a Property Management System (PMS) to do so.. So we integrated several PMSs into so that hotels can work even more efficiently.


Online booking platform

Encima built an online booking platform where you can view the availability of the rooms and, of course, reserve the room at the desired time.

Extranet hoteliers

The various hotels will have access to the extranet via a login and will be able to communicate the availabilities and prices of their rooms. Data is processed automatically . Billing also routinely goes through the extranet. So there is hardly any manual administration involved. 

Channel manager

Through integration with channel manager SHIJI, communication is automatic between the PMS and the online DAYROOM platform. 

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