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About Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear - founded in 2011 - quickly became an indispensable brand for tendon guards in all disciplines of equestrian sports.. The hobbyhorses of the house? Excellence and innovation. Therefore, the products are stylish and of high quality. They provide maximum protection, comfort and well-being to horses during training and competition. Kentucky Horsewear is sold and worn worldwide by the very best horses.


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Our objective: Sell our products worldwide

We developed a B2B-webshop in four languages at which their customers cannot only place orders, but also follow up on their orders. For Kentucky, we worked everything out custom. The biggest advantage of this is that the site is 100% in line with the client's needs and we can modify it according to their future needs.



Because Kentucky Horsewear works internally with Wolters Kluwer's ERP package Adsolut , linking that package to the web shop was a must. Thus, there is a continuous synchronization of all products, product information, photos, orders and customer information between the webshop and Adsolut. The advantage? By now being able to manage all data in one place, they save time and avoid errors.

Closed B2B webshop

Depending on the customer and order amount, different prices and payment methods are provided. This is also fully automated and synchronized. In addition, as a B2C customer, you can very easily find a retailer near you via the retailer search function..

User-friendly customer zone

Following up your order is very easy. Back orders can also be tracked effortlessly so your customer knows exactly when to expect the products. In addition, a system was also provided where the customer can collect "Kentuckt points" with each order, and then redeem them against products or discounts. 

Global sales

Kentucky is a global player. The site can be consulted in four different languages. The translation of the product information comes from the ERP package Adsolut. The rest of the site is translated through an integration with DeepL. Checkout can also be in two different currencies.

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