Kunstgrascentrum specializes in installing artificial grass in West Flanders. Since 2008, service & quality have been at the forefront, putting smiles on the faces of their customers. 

At Artificial Grass Center, you can find the total solution. They are a full service artificial turf specialist. Thus, they also provide the perfect substrate for the most beautiful grass carpet. Their greatest asset? Everything is done quickly - both preparing the surface and installing the artificial turf.

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What we did:


Kunstgrascentrum wants to offer their customers the ability to request directional quotes online. A lot of factors come into play here to determine a guide price (what application, type of artificial grass, the size & shape of the area, ....)

In addition to preparing the quotations, we also developed a CRM system in which all quotations sent out can be followed up. The entire process, from quotation, follow-up to planning & placement, is now easily managed online.


We werken nu al een viertal jaren samen met Encima. Zonder hen stonden wij zeker nog niet zo ver in onze digitalisatie. Vakmensen, betrouwbaar, flexibel, bereikbaar en resultaat gericht. En als je de mensen nog eens persoonlijk graag hebt....

Johan - Kunstgrascentrum

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