Entry-level eCommerce platform

Marcando is our proprietary eCommerce SaaS product.

Through our years of experience developing custom webshops & the ever-increasing demand webshops - we developed marcando. An entry-level eCommerce platform makes it extra easy for SMEs to set up their own B2C and/or B2B web shop.

The assets:

  • Integrated with various ERP packages
  • Cloud model with the necessary flexibility
  • Monthly subscription - this is how you avoid high investment costs
  • Linked with various payment platforms (Ingenico, Mollie, Worldline PayPal, ...)
  • Easy to manage thanks to our user-friendly CMS

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Marcando is the solution for any retailer / SME / wholesaler using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to organize & manage their business.

Marcando comes standard already paired with several ERP packages such as:

  • DAVE (Just Software)
  • Venice (Unit4)
  • Adsolut (Wolters Kluwer)
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Foodmasters
  • ...

As a result, all products (+ corresponding product information, prices, stock, ...) & customers are continuously synchronized with the individual web shops. Online orders are also exported directly to the linked ERP package. 

End customers can easily find products through a performance catalog & order online. Paying online and/or paying by invoice are both possible.

Marcando is set up so that each customer can customize his/her own functionalities / layout & manage integrations with 3rd parties (such as their ERP package, chosen Payment Provider, ...)

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