An online gift card platform for TUKADOO

TUKADOO is the universal gift certificate you can use anywhere in Belgium for anything.

Spend your gift certificate, in more than 700 stores, at a wellness, at your favorite fashion store, the electrical store, on e-commerce websites or for new gadgets: you choose. You use your gift certificate whenever and wherever you want. A personalized gift certificate valid for 2 years, but even then, renewal is free and easy with just a few clicks!

Choose your amount from €5 to €1,000

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An online gift card platform: our approach!

For TUKADOO, we developed an online gift card platform. Partners / traders can register to be part of the TUKADOO network. Anyone looking for a unique gift can self-configure a personalized TUKADOO voucher. For example, there are 3 different coupons available:

  • e-Tukadoo: the digital voucher sent via email
  • Tukadoo Card: the gift card in the form of a bank card
  • Tuko box: a nice gift box

Each type of receipt is customizable with text, photo, colors and possibly different patterns.

Want to put several people together to buy a TUKADOO voucher? No problem. List all participants and they will receive the necessary information to assist in a joint gift.

For merchants, an API is available that allows them to redeem TUKADOO gift certificates through their POS system. Also through a mobile application (iOS & Android), merchants can easily receive a TUKADOO voucher as a means of payment. 

Encima is voor ons wat een ontwikkelaar in webapplicaties en webshops moet zijn, namelijk een echte partner. Commercieel ingesteld, meedenkend met de klant, flexibel. Dat in combinatie met de hoge kwaliteit die ze leveren, maakt dat ik ze hier terecht kan aanbevelen.

Christophe - TUKADOO


Encima built a web shop where you can order the various gift certificates. What makes this webshop stand out is that you can fully personalize the coupons. You choose what color, text and photos go on your voucher to create a unique gift. The webshop also features an integration with the payment provider Europabank, so that all payments run smoothly. 

Easily put together

You can very easily invite friends to lay together for a TUKADOO gift certificate. You specify the different people and an email is automatically sent with a payment link. Once everyone has paid, the voucher is sent. 

App for retailers

Through a mobile application (iOS & Android), retailers can easily receive a TUKADOO voucher as a method of payment. For retailers, an API is available that allows them to redeem TUKADOO gift certificates through their POS system or web shop

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