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Cycling with Reynaert the Fox is organized by The Phoebus Foundations with Fernand Huts & Katherina Van Cauteren. You can get to know Reynaert the Fox better at 5 themed exhibitions, connected by a themed bicycle route. 

Cycling with Reynaert the Fox

The figure of Reynaert the Fox is no stranger, especially in the Waasland area. Ever since the 13th century, when he made his appearance in Middle Dutch literature in the animal epic "van den vos Reynaarde," he has held the Wase polders under his spell. From May 5 to September 30, 2018, you can get to know Reynaert even better through a bicycle tour plotted over 40 kilometers through the polders of the Waasland region all the way to Hulst. At the same time, as a cyclist you get both culture, heritage and nature from the Waasland region with its vast landscapes, reed beds, creeks, ... Fun, inspiring, accessible to all on two wheels.

5 themed exhibitions over 40 km

The idea is to learn something about the roguish fox Reynart that he was. You can do so during 5 exhibitions set up in five different locations. Feel free to take your time to cover the 40 km. The goal is to get to know Reynaert better and to enjoy nature.. After all, the Wase polders have a lot to show: vast landscapes, creeks, reed beds, etc.. 

  • The Court of Nobel
  • The House of Sin
  • The Mercator House
  • The Cachot
  • Singelberg Castle

'Foxes,' expedition in the land of Reynaert. Theme bike route (paid). From May 5 to. Sept. 30, 2018 between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.. Start at the Singelberg Castle, Katoen Natie, Loods 5, Ketenislaan 1, Haven 1548 Kallo-Beveren.

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