Liberale Mutualiteit

Care Boutique is a care store where you can choose from the most useful aids for all ages. From young parents to those desiring help in home care. They have a wide range of offerings including. a maternity bra, breastfeeding pillow, rehabilitation devices and incontinence materials.

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This B2C webshop is linked to JustSofware's ERP package DAVE : the articles with their prices and stock are automatically synchronized between Marcando and the ERP package. Online orders are also immediately forwarded to DAVE where they are handled further.

Members of the Liberal Mutual can make purchases there at a 15% discount, using their vouchers or gift certificates as a means of payment. The balance is paid online thanks to integration with Ingenico.

Members register once via their member number (or VPV code), which is hereby verified t.a.v.. the member database in the ERP package.

Orders are either delivered to your home (free from 100 EUR) or can be picked up at one of LM's collection points .


Voucher system

Liberal Mutual members regularly receive vouchers they can use at Care Boutique. When customers enter the code , the receipt is automatically uploaded to the ERP system for collection.

Member discount

Members of the Liberal Mutuality receive a 15% discount on the purchase price, Members register once using their member number (or VPV code), then the number is verified against the member database in the ERP package.

Rental System

For some products, it is more convenient to rent than to buy. We provide an easy to fill out form for this purpose that allows you to reserve a product and later pick it up in a physical store. 

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